Kajian Manajemen Risiko Pekerjaan Konstruksi Jembatan Leuwigajah, Bandung

  • Rossa Ruhtipa Universitas Sangga Buana
  • Abdul Chalid Universitas Sangga Buana
Keywords: Risk Analysis, Human, Environment, and Equipment



The purpose of this study is to identify the risks that may occur in the work, then create a risk matrix to determine the risks that may occur in the Leuwpanjang bridge work to be prioritized in control. This research was conducted by conducting a questionnaire technique on 10 contractors with a target on the Director, Project Manager, and Site Engineer of the implementing contractor in the city of Bandung by focusing on the company's operational risks. From the risk identification carried out, the findings of the study show that there are 40 operational risks that may occur in the work. These risks come from equipment risks, cramped workplaces, human resource risks, lack of accuracy in design, productivity, procurement of goods, and work on toll roads. From the calculations carried out in the study, it can be seen that the risks that need to be prioritized to be controlled are regarding the risk of design errors, avoiding dangerous places in the event of a broken wire alternating crane. There are 7 correlations in the resulting statistical analysis such as the work environment, raising or lowering goods at the work location, the difficulty of working in two sections that are opposite the road.

Keywords: Risk Analysis, Human, Environment, and Equipment


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