Human Resource Management Development Reviewed from the Competence of International Special Class (KKI) Students of UINSI Samarinda

  • Rini Eka Lestari Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris Samarinda State Islamic University
  • Annisa Laily Ramadhani Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris Samarinda State Islamic University
  • Winda Islamitha Nurhamidah Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris Samarinda State Islamic University
  • Muhammad Syawal Akhyar Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris Samarinda State Islamic University
  • Muhammad Khairul Rijal Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris Samarinda State Islamic University
Keywords: Management, Human Resources, Competence, Students


In the current era of globalization, education plays a very important role in improving and developing the quality of human resources, one of which is in tertiary institutions. This study aims to analyze human resource management in terms of increasing the competence of special international class students won Samarinda whether it is running well or not. This study uses a qualitative type, data collection techniques through primary data sources obtained from observations, interviews, documentation and in the form of journals, articles, other relevant literature as secondary data sources. This study uses a descriptive approach and analyzes data through data condensation, data presentation and conclusions. The results of this study are that in improving the competence of KKI UINSI Samarinda students through human resource management it has been well implemented as evidenced by the lecturers who teach at KKI are selected and professional lecturers who have high intellectuals, as well as training, guidance, strengthening foreign languages and various other KKI student skill improvement activities. However, the implementation is not efficient because there are still several obstacles such as lack of support from supervisors in the development of foreign languages or other competencies and the facilities provided to support increasing student competence are incomplete. This will be an evaluation of KKI managers, especially in human resource management so that in the future it can be even better in increasing the competence of KKI UINSI Samarinda students to achieve the planned goals.


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